Nama Group holds a meeting to present the final results and proposals for the 400 KV interconnection study between the north and south of the Sultanate

02-Jun-2018 Muscat, May 2018: Nama Group held the last meeting with the stakeholders to present the final results and the study proposals made based on the Memorandum of Understanding for the grid interconnection project between north and south areas of the Sultanate. The meeting was held in the presence of H.E Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD), H.E Nasser bin Khamis Al Jashmi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, H.E Hassan bin Mohammed Al Lawati, Chairman of Nama Group, Eng. Omar bin Khalfan Al Wahaibi, Chief Executive Officer of Nama Group, Mr. Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani, Executive Director of Authority for Electricity Regulation, Dr. Badar bin Saud Al Kharusi, PDO Infrastructure Director and a group of chairmen, board members and CEOs of of Nama Group companies. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Nama Group and PDO in April 2016 to study connecting the electricity networks between the north and south of the Sultanate with high voltage lines of 400 KV to enhance the security of the electricity network in the Sultanate and to participate in electricity generation resources. The project aims at reducing generation investments and the optimal use of fuel and natural gas. The agreement also included the formation of a technical team from Nama Group represented by Oman Electricity Transmission Company, Oman Power and Water Procurement Company, and Rural Areas Electricity Company in addition to Petroleum Development Oman. The study was conducted in several basic stages, starting with collecting information, selecting options for connection, then studying the cost and feasibility of the options presented, and finally conducting the business analysis necessary to choose the best options and the mechanism of implementation. The meeting discussed the benefits of the interconnection project, which in turn will achieve strategic and economic objectives at the Sultanate level in the near and long term. It will link the Main Interconnected System (MIS) of Nama Group in the north with the Duqm industrial area and the Petroleum Development Oman network in the central region of the Sultanate, as well as Nama Group network in Dhofar. The project will enable the parties to trade electricity in an efficient and economic manner, improve future planning of electricity, reduce the required reserve for the electrical network of each party and reduce the fuel needed for electricity generation. This will contribute directly to the conservation of natural resources and the development of the Sultanate. The project will also enable the grid to deal with emergencies and access to areas where the development of renewable energy projects is possible. The study concluded that the economic and strategic feasibility of the implementation of the project will be directly reflected in raising the efficiency of the electricity system in Oman in general and benefiting all parties involved in particular at an estimated cost of 500 million Omani Riyals. All parties agreed to sign an agreement to start the necessary procedures for the project which is expected to be completed within five years from day one of implementation. HE Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, Chairman of SEZAD, said: "We are proud of such integrated initiatives that will contribute to the advancement of the economic development and the industrial zone in Duqm will be one of the largest beneficiaries. It will help to secure electricity in a safe and efficient manner and reassure investors of the strength, reliability and efficiency of the energy system in the Sultanate. The project will help to achieve our objectives of making the Duqm region attractive and promising for major investments and projects." Eng. Omar bin Khalfan Al Wahaibi, Chief Executive Officer, Nama Group, said: "We are always driving to be a leading reference in utility services by developing strategies and projects that serve the electricity system through initiatives and the best methods, systems and practices which contribute to the sustainable development and the future vision of the Sultanate. I would like to thank all who participated in this project in general and employees of Nama Group from Oman Electricity Transmission Company, Oman Power and Water Procurement Company and Rural Areas Electricity Company for their achievements towards development and prosperity of Oman.” Eng. Ali bin Said Al Haddabi, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Electricity Transmission Company, said: "The initiative has started with the knowledge and technical capabilities of making the electrical network in the Sultanate a pioneering model. We achieved 99% consecutively in last years in the OETC Grid efficiency in north and south of the Sultanate. This will enhance our confidence that this project will be a great support in making the network more efficient to meet the growing demand for electricity and keep abreast of technological developments in this area.” Through its initiatives and projects, Nama Group strives to contribute actively to advancing development in all fields and implementing a common vision for the future of Oman as well as achieving the development and prosperity of the country. _End_ ;