Nama Group conducts workshop to set up Group’s Document Management System

03-Nov-2018 Muscat, 14 November 2018: Nama Group (NG), a Government-owned entity, engaged in the transmission, distribution, supply and procurement of electricity and its related water services in the Sultanate, conducted a special workshop on the preparation of the Group’s Document Management System. The workshop, entitled the Indexing Mechanisms of File and Document Titles, was held in collaboration with the National Records and Archive Authority, within the framework to sustain an integrated system of document management in the Sultanate, preserve these documents as major reference for future development plans. The Group’s Document Management System, first-of-its-kind in the Sultanate’s Government Companies, to be set up in accordance with Royal Decree No. 60/2007 on the issuance of the Documents and Archives Law. More than 110 employees, in charge of managing documents and archives in the Group’s subsidiaries, attended the workshop, held at the Hotel Muscat Holiday. Ms. Suhaila Al Farsi, Executive Manager – Group Strategic Planning and Risk Management, said: “Nama Group, in cooperation with the National Records and Archive Authority, took the initiative to build its own system to manage the Group’s documents that effectively contributes to the Group's strategy and vision to be a leading reference for utility service excellence in the region. We are looking forward to integrating with the concerned institutions through establishing and applying the system in all companies of the Group, based on state-of-the-art methodologies in the documents and archives field.” Munira Al Harthi, Quality and Document Head at NG, said: “Nama Group pays great attention towards this workshop, attended by a large number of employees of the Group, in light of the importance of preparing this system. The workshop provided specialised and technical information on the preparation of the document management system, thanking the National Records and Archive Authority for their efforts, collaboration and follow-up.” During the workshop, Mr. Sami Mali Jibtu, a technical expert at the National Records and Archive Authority, presented the importance of building a document management system in key authorities, explaining benefits and features of the system as a modern scheme for the management of all kinds of documents. In addition, the technical expert highlighted methods to extract file titles as part of setting up basis of the file classification system and archives. The technical expert explained the need to apply this system to all administrative and technical divisions in Oman, which in turn will help to organise the documents in use, quick access to them as well as retrieving and maintaining those files. Nama Group appreciates the role of the National Records and Archive Authority in providing continuous technical support to various stakeholders, concerned with applying documents and archives regulation. The Authority’s plans and objectives coincide with the Group's orientations in various areas of strategic planning. Through conducting the workshop and preparing the system, Nama Group will contribute at consolidating the comprehensive national development and prosperity. ;